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Working for OEM, FG industries’ know-how and privileged supplier relations offer you multi-faceted solutions:

Competitive Solutions
Because we source wide, we can offer identical quality products at different pricing levels.

Delivery Solutions & Our Supply Guarantee
We organise the transport to collect consignments from our suppliers – we have found that, in this way, logistics are under control. We can, either and as per your wishes, arrange the shipment of orders to you or should you prefer, allow you to organise the transport for collection from our warehouse.

Technical Solutions
From your technical drawings we can provide cutting edge technology to enhance, for example, the durability of your component part or hand tool to be used in harsh environmental conditions. 


Solutions for OEM


Automobile: non-licensed cars

Trailers: farm, vehicle trailers, truck trailers & semis

Axle manufacturers

Parts for trucks


Lifting and handling gear: forklifts, cradles, lifts and elevators

Buildings and Civil Engineering: scaffolding, earth moving machines
: electric vehicles, waste containers & skips

Farm machinery: cultivation machinery, sprayers, flails & toppers, sowing & drilling equipment, fertilisers, harvesting machinery

Garden cultivations: lawn mowers, cultivators, hoes & ploughs

Vineyard machinery: vineyard tractors and sprayers

Livestock equipment: feeding racks, milking machines

Plastic manufacturing

Street cleaning machinery: street brushes and cleaning machines
Street furniture: urban development, park and public garden machines


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